How Often Should I Have My Commercial Windows Cleaned?

When you're running a business, appearances are important. The place where you do business says a lot about how you do business. Therefore, your building should represent the qualities you want people to think of when they think of your company.

Windows are an important part of the cleaning process. Since the purpose of windows is to see right through them, they're held at a pretty high standard. However, it can be difficult to tell what the perfect amount of time is before each commercial window cleaning. That's about to be cleared up.

When To Get Professional Window Cleaning Services

There are several reasons why a building might need its windows cleaned more frequently. These reasons include both external and internal factors.

External Factors That Can Affect How Often You Should Clean Your Windows.

One factor that determines how often you should have your windows cleaned is how quickly they get dirty. This can be affected by the following:

Weather: Rain, snow and wind have an effect on what your windows look like. If there's a lot of variation in types of weather, the windows will likely look dirty faster than if the weather was more consistent.

Location: A building that sits close to a lot of traffic or pollution will acquire more dirt than one that is more isolated.

Structure: The design of a building may contain small gaps or areas where things like dust and debris can settle.

Landscaping: Everything that's near a building can affect the way it looks. For example, plant matter, fumes and smoke can make windows look dirtier.

Human Traffic: If a large volume of people are going in and out of the building on a regular basis, that will affect how clean it looks.

All of these things can contribute to a building looking dirty faster. So, how much these external factors impact the building will play a part in how often it's necessary to have your commercial windows cleaned.

Internal Factors

The type of business can also help determine how frequently you should clean your commercial windows:

Office Building: Since many of the office high-rise windows are out of sight, it isn't necessary to professionally clean the higher-up windows very often. However, cleaning the lobby and lower-level windows inside and out once a week will give a better impression of the company.

Restaurant: Many people go to restaurants to eat and relax. To facilitate that, have your windows professionally cleaned twice a week. Additionally, staff should spot-clean smudges as needed.

Healthcare Facility: In a setting that promotes healthy practices, it wouldn't give a good impression if the windows looked dirty and disgusting. These windows need to be spotless all the time. If they're not, you run the risk of unnecessarily losing clients when the solution is quite simple. Therefore, you should hire someone to clean these windows at least twice a week.

Retail: Stores are in high competition with each other and the amount of human traffic they generate every day can make the window pretty dirty. For these reasons, clean windows are important. It's good practice to hire someone to clean these windows around once a week.

Use your judgment when figuring out how often you need professional window cleaning. Keep in mind the surrounding area and how likely it is for debris, dust and contaminants to coat the windows. Compare that with how you want to represent your company and then you'll know how to keep your commercial windows looking their best.

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